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Quality Management

Dexotech Quality Commitment

Dexotech follows ISO 9001 quality management system.

  • Context of the organization– Requirements for understanding Β the scope of the operation and reach of QMS.
  • Leadership– Commitment to the QMS in all levels of the operation.
  • Planning– Quality objectives identified and action plans implemented to meet the needs.
  • Support– The requirements needed to meet the objectives.
  • Operation– All aspects of the planning and creation of the product or services including planning, product requirements review, design, creating and releasing the product or service, and controlling nonconforming process outputs.
  • Performance evaluation– Monitoring and evaluating the performance.
  • Improvement– QMS betterment over time, including process nonconformity and taking corrective actions for processes.

We implement a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, which uses these elements to implement change within the processes of the organization in order to drive and maintain improvements within the processes.

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