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Environmental Program


Environmental Focus

Dexotech is committed to our environment. We practice ethical Engineering and will value the health and safety of our planet, our children and our future above all else. We are committed to introduce measures to eliminate the release of any hazardous chemicals to air, land or water system. That holds true for SF6 gas which is the insulating medium used in many power equipment. Our robust environmental policies and procedures go above and beyond compliance to any legislation requirements.

Our objective is to achieve the highest level of environmental protection and sustainability in every phase of our operation. This is based on the philosophy that environmental damage is preventable and that a ‘Minimum Environmental Impact’ goal is achievable. We are prepared for and respond quickly and effectively to any incidents to minimize environmental impact..

It is our policy to abide by all of the environmental protection standards of governing agencies, client protocols, and industry best practices. The threat to our environment is real and we will act on he opportunity to make a positive impact through affirmative leadership as demonstrated by this company. Environmental Protection and proper resource management is a top priority during the course of our work.

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